Saturday, January 10, 2009

1 Box of TDGS Get.

Today, I bought 1 box of TDGS, hoping to get 3 E.Teles and 3 Geartowns. Krebons was an extra in my mind. I also wanted to pull something OTHER than Stardust. I have 3 Already.

All good. I opened packs.
2nd Pack got me a stardust. WTF
No Super rares until 4 packs left to open. WTF.

Total "Good" Card pulls:

Wow. Fail.
Goyou comes in book. All of the supers were reprinted as a rare before. ONLY 2 Psycho Commanders and 2 E Tele, and 2 Geartown.
Box rating: 72/100.

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