Thursday, January 15, 2009

Core Chimails, WHAT?

Hey all. Lately Ive had exams, and thatll continue for a week, so I wont be posting much. What TO expect in coming days.
Tommorow, a post on what I pulled from Gold series and Collectors tins.
Some ideas on Guilty Control, because IT WORKS.

anyhows, today is a post about Core Chimails.
Core chimails are described to be "continued from Raging battle".

Heres what we currently know about them:
They will come out in Raging Battle(pack after CRMS)
We dont even know their official name. Its known to contain "Core" and "Chimail". Unknown pronouncation.

Heres what I think about them:
They Will be a NEW archetype, using something previously thought to be a bad decision to their advantage. Notice the trend lately?
GLAS: Glaidator Beasts
PTDN: Dark Monsters(like we care about any other than DAD)
LODT: Lightsworn
TDGS: Psychics
COSC: Deformers/Morphotronic
CRMS: Black Feathers
All are GOOD archetypes with support that are newly introduced in those packs. They all have made it to tournament level decks with good cards(other than Deformers, which are a whole), namely: Gyzarus, DAD, JD, E.Tele, Gale of Hurricane

so, following the trend, Core Chimails WILL be doing something REALLY weird together as an archetype. EG: Milling self, returning to deck, RFPing your own grave, paying tons of life for weak effects, changing battle position, special summoing at random and owning at battle.
My prediction: Do something with making having monsters power each other up(eg: when this card is sent to graveyard, put 1 core chimail counter on a monster on feild, and that monster gets X effect, X ATK, and X def), OR summoning to spell/trap zone.

Another thing:
Konami WILL make them strong AND cheap enough to introduce people to tournaments, which will cause them to make more money. If they dont have a boss monster, Konami will make in a later pack.

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