Tuesday, January 6, 2009

KAIEN the Emmisary of Darkness.

Well, since Gorz came out relatively recently in the TCG, Ive gone out and made some Tokens that Gorz brings out. Feel free to use them/Copy them. I use the first one myself.

Save Image
Open Microsoft Word/Other Word Processor
Import Image
Re size to 86.96 by 58.56 mm
Copy several times, if you want
PRINT!(On good paper)
Place in sleeve, with common card behind it.
And Its done!

Some background on Kaien(Like you care):
Since places other than Japan never got Yugioh R, I guess most people wont know, but Kaien, along with Gorz, is summoned through the trap: "Stairwell to The Underworld", which activates when you get damaged(no need for empty feild), brining out a 2700/2500/Dark/7/Feind, Gorz, and a 2500/2700/Dark/7/"Feind?", Kaien. Even MORE broken than what we have in Gorz right now. Kaien is female, a contrast to Gorz being a male.

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  1. I have a question

    in Yugioh R, was Kaien and Gorz special summoned from the deck or in the hand? Because if it was from the deck, that is one wickedly broken awesome freaking effect -> all for one measly trap card!