Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"+X Advantage"

Whats all this talk about advantage about? Why so much emphasis on a card being "good" or "bad" due to its "+X" or "-X" Advantage? Sure Stratos/Airman is awesome, because it gets a +1, but I think people are thinking too much about "Advantage."

Advantage is a theory. But in the end, its just a theory. What is there during a duel? Is there advantage? No. What is there: You, your cards, your brain, them, their cards, and a hollow space where they should have a brain. Is there "card advantage"? No.

Therefore, in practicality, choosing cards because they gain advantage is a bad practice. One should choose cards due to their practicality and usage.

Using full use of your cards is what really works. Thats how I win.

What about you guys? do you think in advantage during play?

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  1. This is what you told me:

    whats balance?
    whats advantage?
    can you eat them?
    no relaly./
    those things are concepts.
    they dont exist.
    what does exist is you
    your brain
    and your cards.
    thats what I beleive.