Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Exams come back.

Hi all. Today, my exam grades came back
Accelerated subjects:
English: 99
Alchemy: 104
Biology: 68
Physics: 100
Japanese: 69
Normal Subjects:
Economics: 67
Math: 102

All are in percents.
... Yeah
... A, A+, D+, A+, D+, D+, A+

Anyhows back on topic.

Today I thought of this great first turn.
Gravekeepers Commandant. Search necrovalley
Buster Beast effect: Search buster mode
summon summon preist
throw pot of avarice
summon Mist Valley soldier
Syncro for stardust
Special summon dark simorgh.
Set buster mode, and set anti spell fragrance
activate necrovalley.
Enemys draw phase: Antispell fragrance and chain buster mode.
You pretty much won.
For those who still dont get it:
Stardust/Buster can negate everything. Necrovalley says you cannot RFP it from grave.
You cannot activate spells/traps without setting them. You CANNOT SET them.
You are stuck staring down a 3000 ATK beatstick and a 2700 beatstick with only 1 effect monster per turn, and no spells/traps.

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