Saturday, April 11, 2009


So, today I played a person near locals.
She ran a strange combination of D-Hero Turbo(Trade in + D-Draw + Allure), and Absolute Zero.
I found out later that the deck consisted of D-End Dragoon and Absolute Zero.

It also had Viruses, which was weird in my opinion.
It just shows how many ways there are to make an Absolute Zero deck.
Absolute Zero deck VS Absolute Zero deck = No monster stays on the feild for more than 2 turns.


  1. Is the viruses card referring to Deck Destruction Virus? I think that is for synchro cat.

  2. Its for VS syncro cat mainly.

  3. E-Heros aren't sucky as many people think , they reall have potential with promos of GX manga.Hope for getting DARK E-Hero.And this deck looks unusual, but really Absoulte Zero is really splashable in Hero theme.Put D-Heros and E-hero Ocean or Ice Edge with Miracle Fusion/Fusion Gate/Fusion and you ahve it.