Saturday, April 18, 2009

5000 Blog Hits!!!!!

Hello my readers.

Today, This blog got its first landmark, 5000 hits!

Thanks for the 5000 hits!

Contratulations to kuriboh for getting THE 5000th hit!

This took a total of 96 days. Thank you everyone for 5000 Hits!

Now. I promised I would post my tournament deck for all to copy when this blog gets 5000 hits, and I will. Expect the post tommorow. Im right now taking pics of deck.

To celebrate, I will be giving away FIVE ANPR Playmats.

Today, I got the following loot:

ANPR Mats X6, Starter Deck 2009 Card Box.

The box looks like this when folded. Cool stuff. Road Warrior is win.

This is what the ANPR playmat looks like. Its very pretty isnt it? I will be giving away FIVE of these. What happened to the 6th? Its in my "Non Card Promo's" Box, laminated.


Since there was some confusion the last time about the Stardust Dragon/ Buster Mats, earlier this month, I thought I could make clearer the instructions.

Here are the rules:

- Email me the request at: "". Make sure that you didnt copy the quotation marks.
- The words: Ancient Prophecy Playmat request, or words to that effect must be included in the SUBJECT.
- With your request, include your NAME, and ADDRESS
- This offer is valid ONLY FOR PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF JAPAN! People in Japan: Go to your store and get one yourself.
- These mats will arrive FOLDED and UNLAMINATED. It is the responsibility of the requestee to properly use and protect the mat.
- Posting your Name and Address as a comment in this post will result in it being REJECTED. It WILL NOT APPEAR, and I WILL NOT TAKE A SECOND LOOK AT IT. This is for your own protection.
- If you have previously requested a Stardust Dragon/Buster playmat, and have NOT YET sent me pictures of it being happily used, you are NOT a valid requestee of this offer. HOWEVER, You can request one, and it will be held for you until 1: I recieve pictures of the Stardust/Buster mat having safely arrived and enjoyed, or 2: a different, valid requestee emails me a request. This is so people have "equal chances" of getting a playmat, and so that I can make that post on people who have gotten their Stardust/Buster mats.
- These mats are FREE OF CHARGE.
- After you recieve this mat, the requestee will send me pictures of it, possiobly laminated, confirming it having reached the requestee. These can include whatever the requestee desires, BUT, there is a high possibility that it will appear on this blog, so not having yourself in the picture is understandable.
- By sending me your Address and requesting an Ancient Prophecy playmat, you are agreeing to the following terms:

1: I, Rauzes, will not post your full address anywhere on the internet.

2: I, Rauzes, am not responsible for any damage that is done to the mat whilst it is in the mail (probally wont be any.)

3: I, Rauzes, are free of any legal charges relating to, or involving the tranfer of this playmat.

4: I, Rauzes, reserve the right to use your first name, OR net-name, as well as your country in a blog post.

5: I, the requestee, will no longer whine, complain, or make a big deal of problems relating to free stuff in general.

Thats it. Those were quite a lot of rules, and I am sorry, but I want to be as clear as possioble.

Thank you again everyone for 5000 hits! I hope everyone keeps viewing this blog, and I will continue to give ideas about the game.

Fair Play.
Fair Duel.


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