Thursday, April 9, 2009

ATTN People who want their Stardust/Buster Playmat

Hello readers.
As you remember, back a few weeks ago, I posted about getting some free Stardust/Buster playmats as a sales promo.
This sales promo at my store has just ended this week, so other stores are probally not handing them out any more/will stop soon.

I currently have about 6 Of these, so Ill be giving them out.
Once again for the awesomeness.

People who want one of these, contact me via Email. Send me your address(+Name), and if you want a Japanese Aniversary Pack with it or not. I wont spam your address all over the internets.

If you dont feel safe giving out your own address, I dont blame you.

DO NOT COMMENT WITH YOUR ADDRESS! People see those comments.

These will arrive folded and non laminated. Please laminate them yourself. Then show them off at your local/regional/nationals.

For the record, people in Japan have this already. This is for people not in Japan primarily.
I dont think I have many Japanese readers...

Happy dueling.

1 comment:

  1. awesome. other places that plays OCG don't get cool mats like that. is there really no way to get this outside of japan?