Friday, April 10, 2009

Tuner Beatdown MIRROR MATCH!

Hello blog readers.
For the record, at the moment I have about 5 of the playmats left, so if anyone wants one make sure to mail me.

Today, I went to play a bit at Konami Card Game Center. After that I met up with friends, and we watched Watchmen.

So. I at the card game center I found a person to duel. I was working on the Tuner Beatdown deck, so I used that.
So we play, and I realize im up against another Tuner Beatdown. Only completely different.

Whilst mine was Light/Machine, using Genex Neutron to search out Hyper and Road syncron, the enemy was Warrior of Mist Valley and AOJ Cyclone Creator, and a whole lot more damage step combat tricks.
I played 3 Matches. It was an overall good experience.
Match 1 - OO-
Match 2 - XOO
Match 3 - XX

It was fun, considering neither of us sided in between duels.

Im currrently building a different type of Tuner Beatdown, different from these two. Expect it here soon.

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  1. Good. My deck also focuses on Road Synchron and Hyper Synchron along with Honests and Genex, but more orientated to Raod Warrior and Tuning Supporter abuse.Have fun with your deck!