Friday, April 17, 2009

ANPR Gets.

As you can see, I bought 1 Box.

Today, my Target cards are:
Future Vision
Ancient Forest
BF - Mistral of Silver Sheild

Lets OPEN!
Overall pulls?
Ancient Fairy Dragon I like. However, other than that, the pulls were downright bad for me.
1 Ancient Forest was expected, as well as some BF-Mistral.
No future vision is not nice.

Okey. So whats good now?


This pack had some CRAZY X-Saber support (Double X Sabers). Double X has its own Grandmaster, its own free +1s, and it has MORE Free +1s to feed the previously mentioned +1s. It has feild swarming ability, and major hand death.

XX Sabers will make an appearance for a few weeks people! BE PREPARED FOR THEM!

However, In my opinion, Rescue cat -> Airbellen X2 is too broken to be topped. What WILL top it is XX-Cats.(Read: Double X Cat!/ダブルX猫) Nickname it after your favorite female cat-based costumed hero/villain. I dont really care. XXSaber Gatomz is the new Dark Dive Bomber. Get them and trade them for big trades.

Black Feathers! Even Stronger!

BF- Vaayu of the Big Flag is broken, as we all expected. So now Burial from Diff Dimension is all expensive again. YAY. This is the new Mezuki. Expect price of Arms Wing and Armored Wing to go up.

Core Chimails
What fun. This is whats going to happen: People will want to build it, and buy up Steel Cores+Crusaders+Bergezerk, trying to make it, but itll fail horridly because Light and Dark meta just isnt as good anymore.

As for decks like Water, dont make me laugh. This isnt enough for the deck to become broken.
Fishborg Gunner(Card gunner says Hi, in more than one way!) IS good, but its still got a ways to go.
Frembel Helldog + Frembel Magical = Good stuff, but thats about it.
Brain Research Lab is pretty good, especially with Psychic Commander and other guys, and is good to set up syncroing.
Overall, this pack was a BUNCH of support for existing themes. Good stuff in general.

So, I have made a little list of cards you might want to keep your eye out for:

Vanity Feind: See Previous Post. Good sidedeck for AKB, XXSabers, and BFs.
Dimension Fissure: XXSabers, Vaayu BF, and Lightlords, as usual, rely heavy on graveyard. What makes this better than Macro is that YOU DONT HAVE TO HAVE IT DELTA CROW'd
Soul Release: See above. Much better than Imperial Iron wall as it doesnt cut YOU off from a RFP.
DDV: Kills Honest, Gale, pretty much everything these days. Its the new CCV. Use it.
Summon Limit: Kills AKB, BFs, etc. A side deck option.
Gatomz Urgent Orders: This is a key card for XXSabers. Be sure to keep an eye out for it because people are going to start to want it.

Another card, not on the list, but WILL be seeing rise in side deck play against XXNeko is Dark World. XXSaber Gatomz can ravage your hand in 1 turn, but Dark World just loves that. Keep an eye out for Dark World stuffs.

Oh, and only 2 more Starbuster Mats!

Coming soon:
- How did ANPR Change Elysium


  1. i really want your stardust/buster mat. but how can u send to me?

  2. a box too...damn also didn't get Vayu...>_<

    in my box, I've got:

    Jester Confi
    Earthbound God Cusillu
    Ancient Holy Wyern
    Ancient Fairy Dragon
    XX Saber Gatomuza
    Future Vision

    In another extra packet, i got a Mine Field...