Monday, April 13, 2009

Vanity Feind this format: Pretty damn good

Hello readers. How was your day?

Vanity feind, in this format, should, in my opinion, be seeing more play as a side/main deck option for monarchs. AKB/Rescue Syncro suffers greatly from the loss of all special summon capabilities, and BFs lose that easy syncro ability. Lightlords lose Wulf and JD, a significant loss, considering theyll have to probally use Honest to get over it.

So why isnt it seeing more play?
The only thing that this has to fear is BF - Gale of the Hurricane. And in BF, the enemy isnt garunteed to have it. IF they are, then Mind Crush/Judge Call is your friend.
Its Virus Food. Its on par with Caius against Skill Drain with virus.(summon caius target skill drain chain DDV).
So, todays lesson is:
Vanity Feind is your friend. Use it.

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