Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tournament Report: 6/13/09

I went to a small scale tournament today. 15 people showed up.

I ran Rauzes-Monarchs.

1st Match: VS Lock - Cure Burn - Lily Beatdown - Guy who plays Lock every tournament

1st game got locked down first turn, and the enemy cured until 15000 Life. He didnt draw into Big Bang girl early, which meant I had full life. He had a field of 2 Lilys(who strangely didnt attack), and was holding 3 Golden Lady bugs.
I tributed 2, set Gorz, and set DDV. Opened next turn to wreck his setup, stormed the next turn, and won because of that.
2nd game I didnt draw into Vanity, Gorz, or Caius. Syncroed into Colossal, and sent it off for DDV. Apply beatdown with Shiba Warrior Taro, Mashamallon, and Winged Kuriboh, and after a few turns open Kuriboh Summoning Flute for game.

2nd Match: VS Cat Syncro(Full English) - Store Worker

Both games opened with Vanity, Kuriboh Flute, and DDV. What fun. 1st Game also opened with Heavy. 2nd Game with a Caius and Treeborn. The next draw after my 2nd game would have been Prohibition.

3rd Match: VS Skill Drain Metabeat - Guy who skipped out school to go to tournament

1st game I drew into VanityX3, CaiusX2, and a Winged Kuriboh. I didnt last that long. The enemy got up Oppression + Skill Drain on turn 1. Vanity against a deck that can easliy include it is bad.

2nd Game I drew well. 2X Manevolent Catastrophes, Kuriboh Flute, and Raiza, amongst others.

3rd Game I screwed up bad. I had taken out 1X Caius, 1X Gorz, 3X Vanity, my Chaos Sorceror, and other things. I DIDNT remember to take out DDV. DDV doesnt hurt the enemy's deck at all. Dead draws killed me.

4th Game(For 3rd Place) - Dimension Gladials - Gucci

No duels. He surrendered because he had to go off.

I left shortly after.

Needed Changes: +1 Pot of Avarice OR 1 Winged Kuriboh in main. Tragoedia in side does nothing

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