Monday, June 8, 2009

Gaurdian Eatos: Game changing or just overhyped?

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Gaurdian Eatos:
Level 8/Fairy/Wind/2500/2000
If there are no Monster Cards in your Graveyard, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. By sending 1 Equip Spell Card equipped to this card to the Graveyard, select up to 3 Monsters in your opponent's Graveyard and remove them from play. For each monster removed from play by this effect, this card gains 500 ATK until the End Phase.

Okey. Everyone knows its effect. Everyone knows a 1st turn Eatos means a big threat.

But, the decks that actually can use Eatos, considering how the special summoning requirement is pretty much only valid for the first 2 turns, is highly limited.

Playing a Macro deck would allow you to play Eatos as an easy special summon 2500 attacker, but otherwise having zero synergy with the rest of the deck. Additionally, its attack upping ability is completely cut off, due to Macro.

Putting this monster into Dimension Glads is an idea that came up some time ago. It doesnt work. Dimension Glads dont garuntee a 1st turn Fissure. Thus, cannot be used.

Is a 2500 Easy summon from hand that game changing?

You might say yes, but I say no.

Its limited to the first turn to come out, and 2500 isnt big.

2500 is nothing compared to a 2800 Monster stealer, which is summonable with 1 card from the hand.

2500 is run over by the 1300ATK tuner which can halve the ATK and DEF of anything.

Combining it with Exodios to special summon is a possible gimmick, but having 2 specific monsters at once isnt going to happen as often as you want.

Additionally, If you summon it, buff it, and attack, the next turn the enemy's graveyard can be empty, allowing THEM to summon their Eatos.

In Fairy decks, with Valhalla, It gets in the way of Valhalla itself with its own special summoning powers. That, and most fairy decks do NOT run equip spells.

In conclusion, not many decks are going to be using Gaurdian Eatos. Its just not good enough.

That being said, LE15 has good cards, which make it worth your money. Namely: Clear Vice Dragon and Darkness Neosphere.

I am also suprised how little people responded to HighlanderXSilk and Milk...

Coming soon: SD17 - Using Dual Warrior

In other news, Japanese Nats

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  1. Atem here.

    About BLOODY TIME someone said it. I've not bothered to simply because folks do not respond well when I explain how they're wrong - probably because when I do it, I cover all angles and effectively PROVE my argument, and thus they bitch about having no way to argue themselves safely out of the situation while still seeming right.

    Folks value pride, and I destroy that pride.

    But anyway, I digress. Consider Decree Neosphere.

  2. Decree Neosphere is a good idea if it didnt create gaps in which the enemy could easily shoot off free chaining traps. Also, it cuts you off from the protection Neosphere NEEDs on the enemy's turn.

  3. Ehehehe, wait what

    There are no actual gaps - you only shoot Decree back to your hand when there's no predicted chance of a Trap being relevant while it's off-field.

    Decree's biggest and best use is to negate the effect of a non-Continuous Trap; doing this repeatedly is very nice.