Thursday, June 11, 2009

The game needs more OTK stoppers.

Hello everyone.

It kinda bothers me that everyones complaining about OTKs.

Sure, Dark Dive Bomber causes games to end too quickly, and with it, a whole host of OTKs are created.

But what people dont think about are OTK stoppers.

The game has quite a few OTK stoppers. The problem is, they arent good enough.

What the game needs are more card to counteract the OTK phenomenon that is Dark Dive Bomber, AND make it viable to play often.

Any thoughts/comments on this?


  1. Otk stoppers could mostly come in the form of traps that end the battle face, we need some traps that would negate effect damage if we were to counter ddb but that would hurt burn decks that i love so badly TT

    I think Gorz and Tragoedia for monsters that stop otk are already more than enough, maybe another version of tragoedia that can be special summoned when the player recieves effect damage o.o but that would be pretty limited in its use.

  2. divine wrath?

    this card seems underrated...

  3. you see, thats the problem with these OTK stoppers. Theyre too weak, they dont change anything. Theyre too strong, and wham you have a NEW otk. The problem with Tragoedia is that its too splashable. Not enough specific synergy to actually justify putting many in. That and Tragoedia is a bit "hard" to get your hands on

  4. I know it might seem kinda silly... but Hallowed Life Barrier? At the cost of one card, it kinda stops either being burned away to 0 or getting beat down to 0 LP. I mean sure, it doesn't disrupt being beaten down as well as Gorz or Tragoedia, but it certainly does more than those two in hindering DDB OTKs.

    Bah I dunno... I thought I'd contribute to the discussion, even if the card I suggested isn't all that. D:

  5. how about somehing like:

    You can discard this card from your hand to make the battle damage inflicted to your life points by 1 of you opponents monster 0. You can use this effect during either player's turn. If this card is in your graveyard and your opponent activates a card's effect, you can remove it from play to negate it's actiation and destroy it.

    too broken?

  6. lolol, a new kind of kuriboh and miracle Divine wrath hybrid, cool!!! : D
    hmmm, Im always amazed at what cards get made, i mean its like Konami either purposely made or accidentally these game breaking cards only to then realise how broken they were. OR anothe way to look at it is that the players made the otks. So its either the cards or the players that make or break the game, depending on your perspective : D

  7. OTK stoppers? Threatening roar works best. I think debris-hime can make use of roar extremely well, opponent commit, u roar, n next turn out Black Rose to boom everything

  8. You just plain suck if you think OTKs are good for the game.

  9. Theyre NOT good for the game. They DO exist. Theyre sorta like viruses. I'm saying we should develop more anti-virals.

  10. To the 3rd Anonymous: They are good for the game. LOL! what are u implying. Baha's fishball porridge shows tat damn well. They develop that challenge to beat them. makes the game awesome.

    Btw, rauzes, do get a tagbox!

  11. so you're saying dark strike fighter, dark armed dragon return, premature burial loop=good for the game. where the fuck is the challenge when whoever draws the combo first basically wins. that's just fucking reducing the game to luck sack

  12. I never said that DSF/all other OTKs were good. Im saying theyre EXISTING.