Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ally Genex Durdark

Ally Genex Durdark
Once a turn, you can destroy one face up attack position monster with the same attribute as this card. If you activate this effect, this card cannot declare attack this turn.

Limited Edition 16

Yes. Great card, supposedly.
Great for random removal, makes a good beatstick, and can syncro with Black Bomber.

People say its great for Anti-Black Feather.


This card wont change the game state much.

Its destruction effect requires it to be face up and on the field while it resolves.
Meaning by chaining Book of Moon, which BFs max out already, you can run it over easy with a Shura.

Dont overhype this card. Its not going to change the game state. Itll be a nice card to have, considering its cool artwork, though

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  1. Hmm another option for a black salvo deck, this is like a dark end dragon effect , a good beatstick too but other than that, nothing much, Don't think it'll be fast enough to be used in todays meta. I am looking forward to the divine beast level 4 tuner though, light + level 4 makes it a very good card. but rose warrior of revenge is still the better option outside a divine roar deity deck.