Sunday, June 21, 2009

Junk and Debris playtesting

Good day to you all.

Today is the World's qualifiers for Singapore. And I hope all of you had a great time.

After playtesting Junk and Debris, it became clear that the Scrap Iron Scarecrows were not doing what they were supposed to. I dropped them.

Also, 6 Neo-Spacians are a bit too many, so I dropped 1 flare scarab.

To provide some attacking power after a black rose nuke, I added 1 Dual Summon.

And to replace the Scrap Iron Scarecrows, some Manevolent Catastrophe to supplant the Skill Drain Macro Oppression I ran up against today. Also Gladial Beasts with their repeating Chariot.

That being said, Junk and Debris(tweaked version) managed to win me a SD17 in a bet today(Best of 5, No side)


  1. Gotta find that Dandylion regardless of cost, man. They're wholly essential to any sort of Black Rose play you have; Dual-Summon is an abrupt joke in comparison.

    Good call on the Catastrophe, but it isn't friends with most of your previous Trap lineup. (For that matter, your previous Trap lineup itself is poor alongside the Treeborn that should be facilitating so many Synchro Summons for you.)

  2. I droppped the Scrap Iron Scarecrows, and other than that, Manevolent is friendly with the rest of the cards. Using Limit Reverse to grab a Sangan to search out Junk/Debris, or a Cross Porter for a Neo-Spacian.

    Dual Summon was for the Post-BRD nuke shenanigans.

    The idea behind the deck was a cheap and easy to build deck that could spam syncro every turn. Unfortunately, Dandylion didnt make the cut because of the "Cheap and easy to build" part. However, if you want to take this deck to the more "perfect, tournament level", with the side deck, it will be included. I'm working on the side deck for this version at the moment.

    Same goes for treeborn.