Saturday, December 22, 2012


Aside from being borderline unplayable, the art is something to talk about right?

They go right into Chaos Dragons, special summoning themselves with good restrictions and balanced effects actually.

But what you might not realize for a while is that how much they look like Light Pulsar/Darkflare dragons.

Like... when they were kids...

A quick pic for reference

On totally unrelated note Kodomodragon is apparently "The Return of Dragunity"

So I'm looking forwards to Jump Festa this weekend. I dont know how much card gaming I will be doing, but I shall see.
Theres talk online of a lot of cheaters, as it isnt a very high level event with deck checks, people cheat by playing multiples of cards.
For example, in the past: 5 Gate of the Six Samurai, 4 Insektor Dragonfly.
This year, all the rage is 6 Windup Shark + 4 Tour Guides is blowing up online.

But that does explain the use of Dark Designator in Jump Festa events I've seen in the past...
Imagine my face when I hit a Dark Designator with Dual Spark o.O

Yeah. This.


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  1. Wow I never knew about that card. It must be really awesome when you use it on a cheater.