Friday, December 7, 2012

FTK Friday - GAWD! AN FTK?

God Day, God Evening, God Morning, God Affernoon, God Midnight.

Wherever you are, hello, and welcome to ZA 堕天 DUELIST.

And its Friday! and the First Friday of the month....

So you know what that means....


So, welcome to this months FTK Friday: GAWD, an FTK!?

So, what cards will we be abusing this month?

Awwww yeah. thats right boys and girls,

If you're going to FTK anyhow, why not summon a GOD before ending them.

Of course, running just one isnt cool enough, nor showing off of how stable your deck is, so lets run ALL THREE!

You know, it would be really cool if there was a card that rewarded us even more for summoning all three of the gods.

Something... some reward that cant be stopped... and just wins. Just wins.

Oh. Right.

There is!

So, basically this says: Tribute All 3 Gods. Win.

So, lets get to it!

And now, the article name makes sense right?

So, Todays decklist:


1 Giant Soldier of Obelisk
1 Sky Dragon of Osiris
1 Winged Dragon of Ra
1 Horakhty, Creator of Light
3 Tethys Goddess of Light
3 Holy Shine Ball
2 Agent of Mystery Earth
3 Agent of Creation Venus
3 Hecaterice
3 Master Hyperion

2 One Day of Peace
3 Upstart Goblin
1 Monster Reborn
3 Reload
3 Mystical Hammer
2 Hand Destruction
2 Magical Stone Excavation
2 Valhalla Hall of the Fallen
1 Dual Summon

As you can see, no FTK is without a crazy good draw engine going on.

For us, the draw engine we will be using is Tethys, the Goddess of Light.

So, whenever you draw a Fairy, you can reveal that fairy and draw one card.
So, if that is a fairy as well, you can reveal it an draw another!

Although this gives you a lot of cards, this requires a lot of fairys in your deck.
Hence, we use the bestest of the best fairys out there, Agents and Master Hyperion.

Master Hyperion doubles as tribute fodder.
Such great logic here at  堕天 duelist. "Cool boss monster! That would be really great as tribute fodder!"

Back on topic with Tethys, if you really want to draw a bunch of cards, you use other cards to draw as well as they would also trigger tethys.

As such, we run: Reload, Hand Destruction, Mystical Hammer, Upstart Goblin, and One Day of Peace.
As this is a search/draw/mulligan engine in itself, you want to dig up your Tethys by the first turn, get it out with Valhalla (Searched out by Hecatrice), fire off a reload/mystical hammer returning all fairies, and get the crazy draw going.

(Draw! Monster card! Draw! Monster Card! Draw! Monster Card!)

Once you get a lot of cards (read: your entire deck) in your hand, you can start doing crazy things.

Summon a Venus or some Master Hyperion. use their effects, activate Dual Summon, summon a god.

Discard a god using Hand Destruction. Revive it with Monster Reborn

Discard 2 cards for Magical Stone Excavation. Get back Monster Reborn  to get another god card.

Keep in mind that Dual Summon can only give you ONE more summon per turn, hence we only run 1.

And now that you have all 3 gods out, tribute all of them for a Horakhty.

Oh, whats this? Skill Drain you say?

Well, Horakhty's "I win" condition has been ruled to be, like Exodia, not be on a chain and be, in fact, a rules effect.

IE: You get all 3 Gods out, they cannot start a chain in response to the summons, you regain priority, tribute all 3 for Horakhty, win. Horakhty cannot be negated nor can its effect be stopped, period.

Other options for additional cards include: The Shallow Grave for getting that one more summon, DDR + Soul Release, for being even more a bause by getting all 3 gods FROM THE REMOVED FROM PLAY ZONE, Exodia, because why not.
What other ideas do you guys have?

Note the fact that this deck's monsters can function barely with just the monsters.

Hyperion, Venus, Earth, all top class picks, as with Valhalla.

Turn 1: Hecaterice into Valhalla into Venus into 3 Balls, release 3 for Osiris. Osiris standing at 3k, deck thinned by 4 cards. Pretty boss.
Opponent cannot: Wind Up, Hero, Mermail, Rabbit, Tour Guide, Flame Dance, Core Chimail,  Hieratic, X Saber, Grave Keepers, Six Samurai, Insectors, Froggy Frogs for jack shit.

Turn 1: Hecaterice into Valhalla into Venus into 3 Balls, release 3 for Obelisk. Obelisk standing at 4k, deck thinned by 4 cards. Pretty boss-er.
If opponent is playing: Dark Worlds, Chaos Dragons, Gladiator Beasts, Heros, or anything that banks on spot removal, kindly remind them that they have ZERO outs in their deck to the situation, as Obelisk cannot be targeted. Oh Snap.

Turn 1: Hecatrice into Valhalla into Tethys. Activate one day of peace, draw 1 reveal and draw another. Dont FTK because they thing you're a scrub and they wont OTK thanks to one day of peace. Enter your next draw phase and draw your deck.

Thats all for this month's FTK.

until next time,


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