Friday, December 7, 2012

Summon! Osiris!

Summon! Osiris!


So, lately I've been messing around with Heiratic Osiris.

Other than being incredibly fun, Its actually quite stable and suprisingly explosive.

Apparently you can solemn warning/judgement the god cards, they just wont do anything, and you waste your cards.
It was just someone's ruling at the store today, so I havent looked it up, but yeah. If you ever want to make one last struggle before death, solemn an Osiris. Totally a smart move.

But on to the discussion of Heiratic Osiris.

See, most builds do the same thing, and other than the staples and entire engine itself, the deck actually has a total of 5-7 empty slots for "Tech"

Some people play Black Garden.

It gets you your tribute fodder(yay), clogs the opponents field with tokens(so many decks nowadays hardly run tuners its not a disadvantage anymore. They cant get rid of them by exceeds!

And, with Osiris, there are 2 very nice interactions.

The first, being a god card, No chain can start when this card is normal/special summoned.
 This means that Black Garden will never get a chance to halve Osiris's attack!

The second is using it against opponents.
Now, whenever a monster is normal/special summoned, the following chain happens.
For examples sake, lets pick Rescue Rabbit. Because thats totally a genius move when staring down an Osiris.

So, they normal summon Rabbit.
Since Black Garden and Osiris have the same trigger, Simultaneous Effects Go On Chain, so you build the chain like this:
Chain 1: Osiris
Chain 2: Black Garden.

So black garden halves their attack in chain 2, gives you a token, and then Osiris eats up the halved attack.
Yep, thats right, this means that Osiris eats EVERYTHING smaller than 4001 ATK.
Not even The Wicked God Dreadroot gets through.

Use this with Dark Simorgh. Pretty much wins you the game.

Now, another of the super cool cards that people chose to run is the 5 Exodia Parts.

No lie, some people play Heiratic Osiris and splash Exodia.

So, how does this work?

Well, the backbone of the deck, as we all know, since tier 1 competitive decks isnt everything in yugioh,
Is Tributing a bunch of Heiratics, getting tribute fodder for Osiris, and then tributing them for Osiris.
A lot of tributing, no?

So, to go with Osiris, people run Super Rejuvenation, since whats better than Osiris on the field?
Osiris on the field, setting all your hand as backrow, then drawing 10. Thats what.

So, for this draw 10+, people just decided to play in Exodia, since, why not.
Osiris on field, 3-4 backrow, and draw 10.
Discard 4? Naw im good. Exodia.

Almost as fun as Flame Dance Core Chimails, which, a suprisingly large amount of people as their sub non tourney deck.



  1. Flame Dance was the only thing needed in Core Chimail.

    People finally have a card that can search out that Urknight

  2. Osiris and Exodia in the same deck. Too Strong!

  3. I don't think summon negating works that way!

    You probably can't even activate Solemn Judgment/Warning at all!

    I'm positive that the guy was wrong!