Monday, December 17, 2012

So. Chaos Dragons are still a thing

Recent championships have been showing Chaos Dragons to be quite the fighting force.

For instance, 32 players, 8 heros, 1 chaos dragons. 1st place chaos dragons, 2nd place heros, remainder windups/darkworlds.

But the most interesting thing I notice about Chaos Dragons is their lineups nowadays.

2 Debris Dragon (Into Orient Dragon)
3 Effect Veiler, 2 max G
0 Traps
2 Mainboard Seal of Orichalchos
3 Deck Destruction Virus sideboarded
3 Darkflare Dragon

Its like they took every "good" monster the deck ever had, maxed out on them, and just ran with it and a few spells.

No night shot, only 3 Cyclones. And ZERO traps, only pumping out your own monsters and such. Not even Dark Hole

A bold move, but an interesting trend nonetheless.


  1. That's how Chaos Dragon is built in TCG, isn't it (aside from Debris)

    I think they use Debris to get back Maxx "C", then use Zephyros to reuse the "C" and make xyz rather than just to make Orient Dragon

  2. Mainboard seal of orichalcos? now that's very blod move

  3. Mainboard seal of orichalcos? now that's very blod move

  4. Yay! The Seal of Orichalchos is useful.

  5. ddv is just too good, altough it feels odd sometimes with a darkflare in hand and no real grave.

    why 2 seal actually? i haven't tested seal, but it seems legit at 1. cool pulsar plays or just to make ur dragons even bigger :D

    I'm beginning to like debris dragon a lot, I found 3 darkflare a little too much tho, but that's just preference I guess ^^

    I wish konami would ban BLS and get sorcerer up to 2/3

  6. I never even considered the seal in Chaos Dragons, but it IS useful, considering half the time I never used the extra deck. And seriously, a 3000 LPD or 3300 REDMD is annoyingly hard to get over.