Thursday, December 6, 2012

FTKs in the format

Nope, not One Turn Kill,

First Turn Kill.

Usually, FTKs use either a massive burn effect, multiple of them, to win.

Its just that during my testing and research, some things has popped up on the topic of FTKs:

1: There are a lot of FTKs that are viable in this format
2: Holy crap they're actually stable.
3: Like, actually really considering bringing to tournaments stable.

The current format has a lot of viable tier 1-1.5 decks, and nobody seems to be using them FTK styles.

Isnt that a sign of a healthy format?

Where even though an FTK is viable people dont use it?

Just some actual FTKs in the format people use:

Tempest burn
Infernity Gagaga loop
Gransoil + Windups loop

and im sure everyone knows one or two more


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