Friday, November 30, 2012

Surrender VS Getting Killed

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Today, we will be reviewing Surrendering and comparing it to taking the damage or combo to the face and losing.

So, as we all know, both actions result in a game loss.

But what factors play into whether you surrender or take the defeat coming your way?

The first factor is time.

Most tournament scenes have a 50 minutes match system, where you only have 50 minuites to finish the match.

Once the match has gone to time, it either ends with one person winning, or a draw.

Now, say you are 1-0 in the current game, and your opponent is windups and doing their OTK.

Take a quick look at your clock. If you still have a good amount of time, surrender the game, giving you more time to side out and make changes and to have more time on the final game, more turns and more time to think.
The going first and extra time just might give you the few turns or seconds it takes to avoid the opponent stalling out for a draw.
However, if you are, say, 0-1 and the opponent is going off, just stall a bit, keep in the game, and pray that you can turn that  0-2 into a draw.

So, obviously it saves time on the round. What else is there?

The next big thing is Information Advantage.
Now, the more cards you play out, the more information the opponent has on your deck.
Information advantage is very big, as we have discussed many many times before.
There are some cards that are played in only one deck and hence playing that card completely blows your entire decklist out of the water
And some cards like Dark hole, MST, etc that everyone plays like and so they shed no light on information on your opponents deck.

Another good time to scoop over taking the full combo is when you have information you want to conserve.
Some cards like Beast King Barbaros seem like versatile cards, but only actually appear in one style of deck(TG Beast Warriors w/ Drain). So, instead of playing that card and trying to stall out your very inevitable doom(you're in a situation where youre contemplating surrender. Come on.), conserve your information advantage to get the edge after sideboarding.

Conversely, if you dont know what your opponent is playing, instead try to drag the game out, to goad out information on what deck they're playing, and the various combos, and work at beating them.
So, say you have a beast king barbaros in your hand with nothing else, and your opponent has a field full of 3.5k power or something impossible like that.

Set your Beast King, and try to goad out more information advantage on what deck theyre playing, and any tech they want to act cute by running.
Then, when they destroy or attack your face down beast king, surrender in response and conserve information on your deck.

Thats all

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