Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Compulsary Escape Device

No, not compulsary evacuation device. Everyone knows how good that is,

Compulsary Escape Device, that bad rare card from REDU

The one that makes each player return one monster to their deck.

What uses does it have?

Well, the obvious one is Madolche. By returning a card to your deck, your ticket allows you to get the advantage lost right back

What about Phantom Skyblaster?
You can either return the skyblaster itself to the deck and re-use the effect, lifting the "Cannot Attack" on the token, or return the token, losing no advantage

And E-Hero Wildman.
Summon him, and target him on resolution to return nothing and have the opponent fly back to the deck

Reborn Tengu.
Have one in the graveyard already? No problem. Return it to the deck, and a new chain triggers as Tengu reborns himself to the field.
 So apparently this doesnt work. According to Yugioh, leaving the field to go to the deck does not count as "Leaving the Field".
Thanks Akira.

Core Chimails can use the overpowered Urknight to special summon a card once a turn, then return it to stop it from self destructing.

On the topic of Core Chimails, have you tried using the new Flame Dances with them?

Activate Tenki, search Urknight. Summon Urknight, pull out a Crusader by revealing the Iron core.
You now have 2 level 4s at 2100 and 2000 respectively, at the cost of 1 card.
Not enough Continuous spells in your hand for Ice? No Beast Warrior for Urknight and Crusader?
Overlay! Make a Rank 4 exceed.



  1. Unfortunately, the effect of Reborn Tengu does not trigger when Reborn Tengu is returned to the deck.

  2. Wind-up Rabbit works really well with the card too, as you can target it as activation and it'll be gone by resolution. That pesky Rabbit.

  3. Wind-Up Rabbit and Verz Thunderbird

  4. I was hoping to hold that for another date but oh well.
    And keep in mind that this card doesnt target, you pick your target on resolution.

  5. Can you pick a token for this card?

    If so, chaining Scapegoat to the activation of this card will result in profits

    1. Another good target? Serpentine Princess! I've always wanted to find a way to abuse this card but there aren't enough effects that work and are useful. Monster Recovery is horrible. What about Winged Rhynos? Could you target him and then chain his effect returning him to the hand or would you have to return him at activation and he'd be gone before resolution?

    2. He would be back in the hand, and on resolution you would send another monster.
      If you have 2 winged Rhynos out you can only bounce one to your hand, you would end up sending the other back to your hand.

    3. Then here is a nutty but easy combo to pull of... Summon Winged Rhynos set escape device and activate Divine Wind of Mist Valley. Activate escape device, trigger Rhynos, which triggers divine wind, summon Genex Blastfan, search (eg Birdman,) and return Blastfan to the deck for the effect of Evac Device. You use 1 card to gain one and minus your opponent in effect a two for one. Situational? maybe, but I think Divine Wind of Mist Valley is meant to be abused with Winged Rhynos but that is totally off topic.