Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Demonic Motor Omega

Have you guys see this thing?

Its english name is Fiendish Engine Omega
it is a rather old card, but Two new cards make this really interesting.

The first is The Charging Emperor.
With this card out on the field, not only can your demonic motor not be targetted by effects, it cannot be destroyed by effects either.

Need I mention this includes its own effects?

Yes, this means that your Demonic Motor can always self pump himself, without being destroyed.
3800 the first turn, then 4800 the next turn, and 5800 after that!
Yes it doesnt say "Until the end phase"

The second card that makes the tokens he creates really useful is the Seal of Orichalchos.
Now, since they cannot  attack your weaker monsters, those tokens are chilling out there to be tributed the next turn



  1. That charging emperor card looks badass!

  2. Nice Combo, and that new card from Cozmo Blazer has a really beautiful art to it, who's the guy in the middle, the biggest one?

    In a well played tribute deck, like frog monarch that charging emperor card is amazing, they are basically immune to almost anything except battle i guess.

    Fiendish Engine Omega can be 3800 on the very 1st turn and enjoy protection, very nice.

  3. Nice Combo there,

    Awesome art on Charging Emperor, reminds me of some anime ^^

  4. Charging Emperor is REALLY an overpowered card
    :-O Monarchs FTW!

  5. Charging Emperor is truly an overpowered card!
    Monarchs FTW! :-O