Monday, November 19, 2012


3 Heiratic Seal of Dragon King
2 Debris Dragon
3 Heiratic Dragon of Tefnuit
3 Heiratic Dragon of Su
2 Heiratic Dragon of Nebthet
2 Heiratic Dragon of Aset
1 Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
1 Blue Eyes White Dragon
1 Wattail  Dragon

3 Armory Hole
3 Supervis
1 Symbols of Duty
1 Foolish Burial
3 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Night Beam
2 Pot of Duality
1 Heiratic Seal of Convocation
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole

3 Royal Decree
1 Heiratic Seal from the Ashes

So I recently found out that nobody plays heiratics anymore.

Because they "Neutered" the deck by killing Seal of Convocation and Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.

Well I'm here today to tell you that you all suck at thinking outside the box.

Theres no problem with everyone reading crap like Whatever Games or the Konami site, but there is a problem when those site have no insight beyond the blatantly obvious.

So, what about Heiratics.

Well, what people dont realize is that Heiratic Seal of the Dragon king is a card.


Its a level 6 0/0 Gemini Dragon.

Just this alone gives is so much interaction with the deck. Revive it with the Heiratics from the graveyard, revive with debris dragon, easy overlays, etc.

Of course, you cant grab it from the deck with a Heiratic because geminis in the deck are EFFECT monsters

Also worth noting is that being a level 6 dragon

So what does that mean?

This is what that means.

Three heads of 3000 ATK going to eat you alive.

Heiratic Seal of the Dragon King is the first ever level 6 dragon monster with less than 500 ATK, meaning it does equal a one card Trident Dragion

Onto the effect.
By Tributing this card, special summon one Heiratic from your deck/hand/graveyard.

For those who dont get it, its REALLY GOOD.

Tack on a Supervis, tribute itself, special summon another heiratic, special summon either the Seal or a Blue Eyes White Dragon via Supervis.

The deck runs extra Armory Hole to fetch these Supervis for you. This guy is your new convocation. Who needs to search when you can just fetch them from the deck?

Revive it with Debris Dragon, tack on a Supervis, Synchro into Trident Dragion, and revive the seal for another go with Supervis.

Note that in this situation Trident Dragion will be summoned, and Supervis (compulsary effect) will go on Chain 1, and Trident will go onto Chain 2. Trident will not be able to target the seal to blow up for another attack, but with him out already, who cares?

Most of the rest of the Heiratic deck builds itself, so I will be explaining the remaining choices

3 Armory Hole
Because who the hell normal summons? You're playing Yugioh, not vanguard.
Card Car D is more often better fed to Machina Fortress noawadays.

1 Symbols of Duty
Because everyone loves monster reborn, and Heiratics often use this just to facilitate more special summoning And for the extra level 4s for the Shock Master to stop Gorz.
Also, forcing the deck out against Max C is awesome.

1 Heiratic Seal from the Ashes
The card seemed cute enough.
Also, the tiny bit more searching out the Seal of the Dragon King really helps. It functions as your pseudo foolish burial, as like I mentioned before, you need to get one Seal out into field/graveyard before the deck starts going crazy.

3 Cyclone
Because back row is for pussies, and you need to spread that message.

2 Night Beam
No, seriously. Fuck back row.

3 Royal Decree


Oh, and apparently I messed up the auto post scheduling. Hence the lack of posts for so long.
I only checked like today. I missed almost a whole month!


  1. Rauzes, sometimes I forget to say I love you.

    Thank you for being in the Yugioh Community, you are our savior ;A:

  2. I've been thinking of the exact same idea with your hieratic deck by basing it around seal of the dragon king; just haven't tried building it just yet. I'll try messing around with your build first before I make my changes.