Thursday, November 29, 2012

Insect Imitation

Normal Spell
Release a monster. Special summon an insect monster with 1 more level than the released monster from your deck.

What. The. Hell.

Agent of Creation Venus + Insect Imitation + Insector Gullh (Ladybug??(actually hornet also works here) = OTK

Which would sound like a stupid idea until you consider that
1: Both decks are among the contenders for top of the format
2: Light + Dark and we all know what fun that is
3: Each of these cards works super well in the deck without any needed support.

Again, the problem card is Insector Dragonfly.

Much like the Archfiend of Gilfer + Insector Dragonfly + Insector Hornet = 14k+ Power on the board combo

But back on the topic.
The card gives insectors their instant search for Dragonfly.

Imagine opening with Gullh and Insect Imitation.

"Lolololol normal gullh cast imitation make shock master strike bouncer tyrus zenmine and leviair, set starlight road solemn judgement and divine wrath turn"

Ok not so broken but you get the idea.
Its also your search card for Hornet, because having hornet hard to find totally wrecked insectors.

And once again considering the Agents/Insector combination deck

You gain access to Synchros(Earth is a tuner.), and since you're RFPing for Chaos Sorcerer/Soldier anyhows, use Leviair to snatch the Earth back for synchro summons.

So, instead of the 2 card full field combo, you instead have Hyper librarian to draw you like 4 cards before becoming a Shooting Quasar Dragon and summoning more random exceeds at next to no cost.

Totally not OP. Trust me.
Then summon Hyperion, Chaos Soldier, and Dark Armed Dragon.
Still balanced. I'm sure.



  1. It would be really cool to see a deck/combo list for this!

  2. The idea itself is pretty old don't you think so? I've seen players trying out this deck when Dragonfly was still at 3. Unfortunately Agents were pretty wrecked back then, it's a funny deck though and the best part is to see your opponents face when facing both Archetypes together and getting smashed.