Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stardust Dragon / Buster Playmat + Others

Wow... Is that?

Yes! It is. Its a Stardust Dragon / Buster Paper play mat. It looks awesome. I might get this one laminated.
For now, it goes into the "Yugioh OCG Non-Card Promos" box

Starter Deck 2009 came out yesterday/today.
Good cards:
X Saber Airbellen
Scrap Iron Scarecrow.
That's about it. Road Warrior is really meh in my opinion. They should have included Rescue cat into this deck...

No, I havent opened it. A friend of mine wanted to start sometime last week, so I bought this so he can start.

I also got 6 packs of Anniversary pack... I opened 4.

Oh wow. 3 Shiba Warriors in 4 packs! Complete playset gets.
Also 3 Blue Eyes and 3 Red Eyes. Only 1 Jinzo was a good thing. I have a stack of 7/8 Gold Rare from Gold series.

For TCG Players, yes I can send you that BMG. Stardust Dragon /Buster "play mat" also.


  1. O_O omg shibas and stardust ASM!!

  2. rauzes....send me the stardust mat too...>_<

    and maybe the bmg...

    1 qns...the anniversry pack mass released already???cuz it's selling in singapore for like $40+ a pack...>_<

  3. yes. Aniversary pack HAS been mass released already. In Japan anyhows.

    Also, I only stardust mat is kinda meh. very flat peice of paper and cannot fold into a letter sized letter.

  4. Im trying to get dark magician girl to fully complete my YAP1 set. Ebay has not been my friend:(

  5. Please send to me the Stardust Dragon / Buster playmat, it is awesome!!!