Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stardust / Buster Playmat(S) Lamination...

So I actually laminated some Stardust/ Buster playmats...

Seen Here in action...

Situation of game: Turn 2 of Guilty/Plant, VS Anti-Zero(Anti Meta + Absolute Zero), before Power tool searches out mark of rose.

As you can see, the lamination isnt perfect. Its a learning process.

At least I learnt two things from this experience:
- Irons are HOT

JK I knew that before.

- Ironing Boards are hard to put away if you dont know them
- Lamination film is a pain in the ass to align correctly.

I guess now would be a good time to say some trivia about Stardust Dragon / Buster

At my local store, they run a different banlist(non official tournament days). Here are the changes to regular banlist.
Banned: Stardust/Buster, Cloak and Dagger, Dice Pot
Semi'd: Kuriboh Summoning Flute(whoops whoes fault was that).
Stardust/Buster was not banned out of its power, but rather its rulings. The Judges got tired of people whining about it and Stardust Buster VS Cloak and Dagger, so they just banned them.

Stardust Dragon / Buster's shortened form is the same as the shortened form of Starbucks.
Strangely enough, its also the shortened form of Star Blast.

If you destroy this card as an equip spell(Relinquished, etc)(But then, how did it even activate without being /Buster'd?) , you CAN Revive Stardust.

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