Saturday, May 23, 2009

Prom+Afterprom+Day after

Good day, everyone

yesterday was the school prom.

I wont really bother you with pictures. I don't think you'd be interested

Prom was sorta fun.

I was seated at a table where pretty much everyone went alone/stag.

The only "couple" were two friends that just decided to go together.

At my table, most everyone was close friends.

I feel bad for the people whom didn't eat anything because they were with their boyfriend/girlfriend.

The food was good.

Quite a few of the guys wore a full hakama regalia.

It was epic.

After prom was fail.

It was held at a club a minutes walk(literally) from my house.

Only 50 or so people bothered to turn up at after prom.

Throughout the night, people were crashing at my place.

About 7 people slept in my house...

Our college counselor appeared at our after-prom.

We all panicked, since we thought we were all in major trouble...

And he buys all the students a round...

Our college conselor is awesome.

Today, I went with a bunch of friends and did a free hugs thing at Shibuya

Videos are yet to be uploaded. I didnt appear in videos and pictures because I was taking most of them.

Was great fun. Met with random people and organized a bigger, better free hugs thing for monday with them.

So for my Tokyo readers, on monday, come to Shibuya's scramble crossing.

Thats all for today.

Tomorrow: Possible Youtubes.

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