Monday, May 4, 2009

Fallen Angel Desire

Fallen Angel Desire/堕天使ディザイア

This card cannot be Special Summoned. This card can be Tribute Summoned by Tributing 1 Fairy-Type monster. Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can have this card lose 1000 ATK, and send 1 monster your opponent controls to the Graveyard.

As you all know, Desire came out last friday.

As a card, Desire is a very good card

You can probally fit one into your regular fairy deck

1 Tribute 3000 ATK is something to be reckoned with

However, not being able to be special summoned mean no support from Athena or Valhalla

Good points about this card:

Easy to summon

With Valhalla, etc 1 tribute is easy

Good food for other cards

Advance Draw and another Desire love this card.

Also, Viruses.

Desire is DARK, and has variable attack

Meaning its good food for all the viruses

Summon Desire Priority Dark end one monster, they activate bottomless chain DDV


As for resetting ATK, cards like Book of Moon, or Forbidden Chalice, which Fairies love, are perfect

Thats all for today

Until we meet again, RIDING DUEL, ACCELERATION!!

I like that ending. :)


  1. Yo, Rauzes. If I understand your above point about DDV use, well, it won't quite work out that way.

    Unless Konami's done something to stipulate otherwise, the chain you describe isn't possible, as Desire's ATK won't be lowered until its effect begins to resolve; rather than lowering ATK *to* activate the effect, the ATK lowering is simply the first half of the effect.

    Conversely, noting the following rulings about Dark End & Light End makes me feel that until Konami says otherwise, Desire is subject to the same ruling set, as its relevant text is nigh-identical to that of Dark End. See the following.

    When the effect of Light/Dark End is used, but for some reason it becomes impossible to lower the ATK of the intended Light/Dark End, neither part of its effect is applied at resolution.

    When the effect of Light/Dark End is used, but for some reason it becomes impossible to apply the second part of its effect to the opposing monster, only the first part of its effect (the ATK-drop) is applied at resolution.

    I expect Desire to be subject to this thanks to outright similarities in text - meaning that not only can Desire not dodge Bottomless through your DDV use; a greater problem exists. Desire's ability or inability to dodge that Bottomless through your DDV use is rendered irrelevant by this greater problem - that problem being that if Desire's ATK can't be lowered, the entire effect is shot.

    Whether Bottomless'd or DDV'd, it's still no longer on the field, thus there's no way for the ATK-drop to hit it anymore.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Hopefully you can doublecheck with the Konami FAQ later.

    Duel - Standby!

  2. My reaction to that is more "Pharoh Atem reads my blog???" than "Oh well, too bad".

    Thanks for the ruling. That doesnt change the fact that Desire is good Virus fodder. For all of the viruses.

  3. Haha, didn't expect that first part of the reaction.

    Just stumbled on the blog. I'll be by from time to time. Just consider the ruling to be an intense blessing for you; now any arguments for Desire *ever* being Limited in any way, shape, or form, are forever deemed illegitimate.

  4. I agree. While Desire is a good card, Its not "broken" in any way. I say its about equivalent to Alector, or Vandalgyion in terms of power, and not gamebreaking like Gorz, LaDD, and Absolute Zero