Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Convulsing Oath

Good day everyone,
As for the past few day's posts, I realize I did not post them because I had not realized a day had passed, and messed up on the scheduling of posts, and some were scheduled to arrive in 2013, etc.

As for today, we will revisit an old idea with a new trick up its sleeve.

I have visited the same idea as today a long time ago

The combat plan was simple: Know the top card of your deck, and use cards such as Dimension Alchemist, Diamond Guy, Archfiends Oath and Sunlight Unicorn  to get effectively free advantage.

There were several problems with the deck.

For starters, there was far too little ability to protect their own advantage engines of Sunlight Unicorn and Diamond Guy, as well as being too reliant on Archfiends Oath to take full advantage of the top card knowledge

Another reason was that the advantage itself did not mount to much because of Sunlight Unicorn searched equip spells which, by design, arent all that great.

Now, what has changed since then?

No good equip spells that are generic enough to fit, so Sunlight Unicorn is unfortunately out the window.

But the concept has gained a new weapon in the form of Ritua Diviner.

Water/Level 3/Sea Serpent/1200/800
Once a turn, you can declare a card name. Reveal the top card of your deck. If its the named card, add it to your hand. If not, return it to the top of your deck.

Just from this, these are the first few comboes that come to mind quickly when I saw this card:
1. Level 3 into Leviair. Use effect, grab free card, make Leviar, another free card. Any level 3 support
2: Water: Absolute Zero.
3: Sea Serpent: Deep Sea Diva
4: Effect: Call the top card, get it wrong, combo with Archfiend Oath/Sunlight Unicorn/Diamond Guy/Dimension Alchemist
5: Ritua: Revive with Ritua Beast, use effect, get free card, Release both into ritual.
6: Combo with Ritua Chain
7: Surfacing, Get effect, exceed/synchro
8: Inferno Reckless Summon. Get anywhere from 1 to 3 free cards.
9: Zombie Carrier.
10: Salvage for advantage.

Of course, you dont have to abuse each and every combo possible. Merely the few ones that have connections or will connect with each other.

For instance, the peeping effect when you get the card wrong combos well with Destiny Hero, which is also a hero, which links right back to Absolute Zero and Zombie Carrier. Absolute Zero also connects with Diva, which connects back to Diviner and Surfacing, as well as Salvage.

So after the brainstorming, combining with Convulsion of Nature, Diamond Guy, and Archfiends Oath was chosen, with Miracle Fusion as another sealing factor between the two.
Utilization of the RoTA, Emergency Call, and Stratos engine was included of course, as the amount of combination between the engine and Diamond Guy itself was too much to pass up.

Archfiends Oath had a double link with BF Zephyros the Elite, as well as the other cards.
You can use Archfiends Oath to dump a BF Zephyros, and Zephyros can easily use Archfiends Oath to get itself back to the field. Easy rank 4 into Hope is only too beneficial

D.D. Designator is a card that combines the abilities of Diamond Dude as well as Convulsion of Natures effects together. Being a normal spell, Diamond Dude can use it, and Convulsion of Nature's information advantage is skewed towards yourself instead of being equal.

2 Deep Sea Diva
3 Ritua Diviner
1 E Hero Stratos
1 E Hero Bubbleman
3 D Hero Diamond Guy
1 D Hero Dasher Guy
1 BF Zephyros the Elite
1 Plagespreader Zombie

2 Miracle Fusion
1 RoTA
1 E- Emergency Call
1 Monster Reborn
2 Pot of Duality
2 Destiny Draw
1 Allure of Darkness
1 Dark Hole
2 D.D. Designator

3 Convulsion of Nature
3 Archfiend Oath
2 Mystical Space Typhoon

2 Starlight Road
1 Solemn Judgement
2 Bottomless Trap Hole

The battle plan is simple and straightforwards.
Instead of using Diamond Guy as a direct advantage engine, utilize him and Diviner as instead a stepping stone that gives free advantage with Convulsion of Nature, forming Synchros and Exceeds.
The deck runs 15 normal spells to maximize the effect of Diamond Guy.

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