Monday, October 15, 2012

Final Tuning

So, Final Tuning.

Normal Spell.
Select one level 3 monster on your field. Special summon one monster with the same name from your hand or graveyard with its effect negated. At the end phase of the turn, destroy that monster.

So, what are the myriad ways to use and abuse this card?

Although there is the term "Tuning", its rather hard to tune with either 2 Tuners and 2 Non Tuners, right?

Or is it?
Phantom Lord Hyde Ride is a tuner that allows itself to be used alongside another tuner as synchro material.
But that requires a Hyde Ride already in the graveyard.
Hyde Ride is tutorable by Tour Guide, so it gives your level 3 deck quick access to some level 6 Synchros with the added option of going for an Exceed.

What about cards that are good together, when you have 2 or more of the same monster out?
My prime example of that would be Armored Fly, a card from way back that would drop down to 1000/1000 if you had no other Armored Flies.
But what about Photon Saber Tiger, in a similar note? Summon one, search your deck for one, pull out a Final Tuning for a third. You have one in your hand, two 2k beaters out, and are going to make a R3 Exceed.

Another interesting use is in a Gagaga Exceed deck.
Not for Gagaga Magician, but for Gagaga Girl. Use this card to grab back a second Gagaga Girl, and exceed something like Senmaine, and turn not one, but two monsters to 0ATK! If you had one Gagaga Magician out, you could even make the Gagaga Girls a different level.
How about making them all level 8, turning 2 monsters to 0, and bringing out Neo Photon Galaxy Eyes. With the support of Gagaga Revenge, lining up a few Gagagas is no problem.
Access to Gagaga Kaiser as an alternate target is handy as well.

Another thought is to change the name of monsters.
The first card to mind is Proto Cyber Dragon. Need another Cyber Dragon to Power Bond into a Cyber End Dragon? This is the card for you.

Although it is a lot of effort, you could change levels of a monster just to revive another copy.

What about Gladiator Beasts?

Tag out to Murmillo, kill one monster. Activate Hero Mask, choosing Prisma. Send Prisma to the graveyard, and activate Final Tuning. Revive the Prisma, send a Beastiari, Tag both back for Gyzarus. Rip through 2 more cards. Beastiari is in the graveyard ready for the Darius-ing.

Masked Dragon into Another Masked Dragon. Use Final tuning to fetch another copy and make a Rank 3.

Debris Dragon into Glow Moss. Final Tuning into another Glow Moss. Make a level 10 Dragon.

And you thought it was a useless card.


  1. Hey Rauzes, if your active here again, why aren't you active in your CVG blog? ;A;

  2. I didn't even know the existence of this card . This card would go well in my Rank 3 spam deck with Shadow Reckless Knight and the likes ><