Sunday, October 14, 2012

Heart Earth

Heart Earth and the monster it becomes, Heart Earth Dragon, are both cards that are highly looked towards for Cosmo Blazer.

Heart Earth is a rank 5 Dark Fiend with 100/100, made by 3 level 5s.
Once a turn, when it is targeted for an attack, it will gain the original attack of the attacking monster until the end phase.
Also, instead of being destroyed, you may remove exceed materials from under it.
If the card is destroyed with no exceed materials on it, you may return it from the graveyard as the exceed material for Heart Earth Dragon.

Heart Earth Dragon itself is amazingly powerful, but requires 3 level 9s. So, instead of getting that ridiculous number out, how about focusing on getting it through Heart EartH?

Now, Heart Earth poses a few problems:
1: It only gains attack on the first attack when its being attacked
- This means that it is useless on the offense, unless you are running him into a monster just to kill off a material at the cost of massive life.
2: The opponent wont destroy Heart Earth.
- It becomes a stall card. They wont actively destroy Heart Earth, because it means getting a Hearth Earth dragon out. They will only start to remove it when they can deal with the threat of the potential Heart Earth Dragon
 3:  Its 3 level 5s. Last time I checked, its hard to normal summon 3 level 5s in one turn.
- We special summon.
4: If your opponent wont get rid of the Exceed materials, you gotta do it yourself.

So, unless you specifically address these very problematic problems, you are getting yourself a giant wall that keeps itself on the field for 3 level 5s.
Which... is already done by Tyras and Crimison Shadow.

So, lets address each of these individual problems.
First, bringing out 3 level 5s with next to no effort.
The go to answer is to special summon 3 of them from your hand.

Now, while it may seem extremely easy for level 4s, the amount of special summoning happening for monsters of level 5 isnt exactly quality.
On top of that, you have to address the consistency issue by making them compatible with some draw power and deck sifting power. Last time I checked, Trade In only uses level 8.

So, What is our solution?
Our solution is Fiendish. We use Gates of the Dark World.
By utilizing Dark World, you ensure a potential beatdown of Gold and Silver, whilst providing level 5s for Exceed summoning.
Also, Allure.

Now, this once a turn is never enough, and relying only on Dark world will never get you those 3 level 5s.
So, you employ another fiend with special summon abilities: Soul Convoy.
Although its Light itself, by running both light/dark gives you instant access to Chaos Sorcerer and Chaos Soldier, and the Dark World is already providing discard outlet and draw source.
While you're at it, might as well run some Cyber Dragons and Priest of the Sun for the Light Targets.

Try running One Supay or Fire Ant Askator. Askator is a level 3 tuner, giving access to level 8 synchros at the same time as providing some recursion for level 5s.
On the other hand, Supay is a level 1 tuner. Which means Formula Synchron.
With what other level 1? We'll come to that soon.

At any rate, the Priest of the Sun that both of these go with is Inferno Reckless Summon-able, so be ready for 2 card Heart Earth's.

If you run Inferno Reckless Summon, try running Vice Dragon as well. It is a similar special summon to Cyber Dragon, but will fall under inferno reckless summon, and is Dark. Choose accordingly to your light dark balance, and needs.

Now it comes to destroying this guy over and over by your own.
Or... rather, removing the exceed materials.

The reason I bring this up is that Heart Earth is one of the few cards that has extra exceed materials that you WANT to get rid of, as opposed to keeping them on.

Thus comes cards that have never before been seriously considered, cards such as Exceed Gift, and Kuribolt.
For Exceed Gift, it gets rid of 2 of your materials, whilst pushing your draw power.
On the other hand, Kuribolt gives you numerous level 1s, usable either for tributes or Exceed monsters.

One good way to take advantage of Exceed gift it to combo with Gaia Dragoon. Simply exceed change some monster that cant do anything, and burn off their exceed materials to draw.
Similarly to Hope Ray. You wont be using Hope Ray + 3 Zeal Weapons to win anything. You dont have plot armor. Exceed change a Hope youve spent up, and feed the material to Exceed gift.

Finally, what if you brought back Heart eartH with zero materials, such as with Call of the Haunted in response to a Cyclone? It would trigger as it is a compulsary effect.
But, in a similar way to Yubel, use Limit Reverse to revive it, and turn it defense on your own turn to self detonate it, and transform to Heart eartH Dragon.

Thats all for today.


  1. Am I dreaming? Is Gaijin Duelist really back? O_O

  2. Will there be a deck list based on this card even though it has not come out yet?

  3. You can run garbage lord and garbage ogre with dark worlds. They are fiends that can be used with gate. I know it costs 2000 to special summon it so it may not be worth it. I will be trying it out when cosmo blazar comes to the u.s.