Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kore de Turn End.

Post #370 - This is goodbye.

Hello to all who care enough to read this.
My name is *Censored* , but most people online call me Rauzes or Rau. I am "Japanese" by passport, but as the blog titles suggests, my appearance is far from it.

Life always has its twists and turns, some you can see coming, and others completely unexpected.

Yes, it was very hard to see for the many people I met with recently, but the words to describe my recent life are "Raging Shitstorm."(I'd prefer to not share any details, thanks.)

Yes, this, like everything, will come to pass, like all things, but with things like this, with sacrifice.

Unfortunately, one of the things I must give up is this blog(We'll come back to the reasons later).

Thus, this will be the last blog entry, and the end of "The Gaijin Duelist".

Precisely one year ago(Even the time), I started this blog, with a blog entry titled Ore No Turn! DRAW!(Its my turn! DRAW!) , to mark off the start of something new, a new turn, and thus, this blog entry is titled appropriately, Kore de Turn End.(This is turn end.)

One year ago, what was going through my mind? What made me start a blog?(The never before heard story!)

To be honest, judging from my facebook entry at that time, it was probably "Man I dont wanna study for exams, its a pain."

But, it was also inspiration from others to spread my ideas and knowledge to an audience willing to listen.

I know a LOT of the new bloggers were inspired by myself(and PJ) to start Yugioh blogs themselves, but what about myself?

Who influenced Rauzes to start a Yugioh blog?

First, there were the other bloggers.

Before I started, I was already following PJ and Bahamut84(+DSummon) 's blogs, and I found it quite nice how they wrote what they wanted and how popular they became, just saying what they had to say, and I aspired to be as famous as them in the Yugioh world.

Its kinda weird how I've become almost as renown around the world as them, one year later.

To be honest, I didnt read anyone else's blogs.

Then there were the other players around the world.

When I started the blog, I had been playing Yugioh for approximately a year(well, and two weeks, since I TECHNICALLY started on Boxing Day 2007), and I was next to a nobody on the Pojo forums(and even more nameless on the Japanese sites).

Being fluent in Japanese and English allowed me to draw upon all sorts of sites for playing tips, comboes, and ideas, and being able to spread it.

Being more or less nameless, you can kinda know what kind of response I got from Pojo.

I was trying to tell people about Hopeless Dragon at the time, when I got the PM from someone who was willing to listen, DM.

While I dont really remember how I responded, I believe it was something along the lines of "How about I make a blog, and you read about it there?", to which the response was more or less "k."

Looking back, I dont think I ever made that Hopeless Dragon post...

Also, there was Firebot88. I knew him online from before I started Yugioh, and he was one of the reasons I started playing in general(Of course, getting a Structure deck for Christmas more or less forced me to play), and helped me transition into building more competitive decks.

But, before the blog, all my random ideas and comboes that I usually post here, I more or less poured onto him.

Yes, thats ALL the random comboes that go through my head, with cards nobody else has heard of, all onto ONE person, and demanding feedback.(Junk and Debris was one of them, but so was "Exodios + Wulf + Wicked Gods")

Then, slightly more than one year ago, he suggested making a blog, so more people could hear of these weird comboes. And so I did.

And yeah. I guess that kinda wraps it up for the people who influenced the starting of this blog.

I've had the opportunity to see other people rise to fame, during my time, one of them being a friendly guy and popular Yugituber, Neuxcharge.

Since starting, I've also become well known in Pojo, for many reasons.

I posted a lot of decks in Pojo OCG section, and offered quite a lot of fixes and such, leading me to become quite well known there, and I also was a part of the Frustrations thread for quite a while.

Which also lead to the success of the blog.

Another reason for my success was how I always shared an idea or two, and at times, full length articles and decklists(with playguide!) every day.(A very Japanese blogger thing to do, for some reason)

Unfortunately, another reason why I'm quitting blogging is how that this daily update has, at times, become more of a chore than a hobby, something I felt obliged to do rather than want to do.

This lead to me not really thinking of ideas for the blog as openly as I wanted to, at times, and limiting my scope.

This, and other random factors that dont come to mind and the big one thats on my mind right now are the reason I'm quitting blogging as Rauzes.

But you think I'll just end without posting up ONE LAST NEW DECK?

Of course not. Who do you think I am?

I've been bringing the Yugioh Community new and innovative ideas and decklists for a year, and the last day is no exception.

Today, I give the world the latest and most used of my decks, Skill Drain Zero.

While most people guard their main decklists with secrecy, since its the deck most important to them, its quite something to share your main deck.

Skill Drain Zero ~ Ver. PinaColada ~

3 Honest/オネスト
3 Elemental Hero Neos Alius/E・HERO アナザー・ネオス
2 Blizzed, Defender of the Ice Boundary/氷結界の番人 ブリズド
2 Elemental Hero Ocean/E・HERO オーシアン
1 Elemental Hero Captain Gold/E・HERO キャップテン・ゴールド
1 Cyber Dragon/サイバー・ドラゴン
1 Elemental Hero Stratos/E・HERO エアーマン
1 Treeborn Frog/黄泉ガエル
1 Skreech/スクリーチ
1 Dragon Ice/ドラゴン・アイス
1 Elemental Hero Prisma/E・HERO プリズマー

3 Miracle Fusion/ミラクル・フューション
2 Gemini Spark/デュアル・スパーク
2 E - Emergency Call/Eーエマージェンシーコール
2 Gold Sarcophagus / 封印の黄金室
2 Prohibition/禁止令
1 Skyscraper / 摩天楼―スカイ・スクレイパー
1 Future Fusion / 未来融合―フューチャー・フュージョン
1 Mystical Space Typhoon / サイクロン
1 Heavy Storm / 大嵐
1 Paralell World Fusion/平行世界融合
1 Reinforcement of the Army/増援

2 Hero Blast/ヒーロー・ブラスト
2 Skill Drain/スキル・ドレイン
1 Call of the Haunted/リビングデッドの呼び声
1 Mirror Force/聖なるバリアーミラーフォースー

3 Deep Sea Diva/深海のディーヴァ
1 Sea Archer/シー・アーチャー
1 Elemental Hero Voltic/E・HERO ボルテック
1 Parallel World Fusion/平行世界融合
1 Brain Control/洗脳ーブレインコントロール―
1 Prohibition/禁止令
1 Fissure/地割れ
1 Inter dimension Matter Transporter /亜空間物質転送装置
2 Bottomless Trap Hole /奈落の落とし穴
1 Skill Drain / スキル・ドレイン
2 Threatening Roar/威嚇する咆哮

Skill Drain Zero has been my main for quite a while, and probally will be in the future, being the deck I enjoy the most.

Well, what does the future hold?

Just because I quit blogging doesnt mean I'm quitting Yugioh, nor does it mean that other people are quitting blogging, either.

There are many Yugioh blogs out there.

Take a look at the sidebar. Most of those are Yugioh blogs, and all of them are worth reading.

Take some time, and hear what others have to say.

First off, some of those blogs should already be on your reading list.

PJ's blog should already be on your "Why am I not reading this yet" list.

Anyhows, there are many blogs out there, some new, others old, but all have something to say, and you ought to lend your ears to them.

The backlogs for this blog also have quite a lot of tips and comboes and information. If you have the time, go back and read some backlogs and entries that were posted before you started reading. There ARE 390 other blog posts, each with a lesson.

If you couldnt solve some of the duel puzzles, try them again. I always try to teach people new ways of using a card(or in some cases, MANY cards), so it would be nice to see people solve them for themselves.

All the decklists were constructed upon concepts. Some better than others, yes, but all of them workable if you update them to the new format. Maybe one of these will appeal to you, who knows?

So, take some time, and read some old entries. You might be suprised as to what you find. I know I am sometimes.

Also, just because I've quit blogging doesnt mean I'm going to stop building decks and discussing the game, just that I'm cutting back significantly and it wont be all here.

My MSN/EMail wont be dissapearing suddenly for quite a while, so you can contact me there(its in the sidebar. Scroll UP.

Ill still be on Pojo(mainly OCG deck discussion), and Duelist Groundz, as well as on Xenophase, so you can still see me around. Ill be posting my new decks mainly on Pojo, and be in-game in Xenophase.(Join us), so if you see me around say hi.

So, thanks for visiting the blog, and following it, and I hope you all learned a few lessons or built a few of these decks I posted.

Thanks for listening to the "random Yu-Gi-Oh thoughts and toughts of my daily life"

Thanks for being a follower of "The Gaijin Duelist".

Well, theres not much else to say.

This post is a WHOLE lot longer than the first post.

I dont know how much longer I'm going to be continuing playing Yugioh, nor posting on forums.

I dont know how many people will still remember who I am or about this blog in a few months.

And I dont know if I will ever get to meet any of you people in the future.

But what I do know is that I'll still be thinking of new ideas and concepts for as long as I play, and Ill be spreading these ideas to what ears hear them.

And who knows? Maybe one day I'll take up a new name and start blogging again...
It'll be quite interesting competing with my own legacy...

Until then, I guess I'll return to being "That Gaijin" at locals again.


  1. awww! This is such a sad post.. almost made me cry!.

    Hope you will have a wonderful life ahead!

  2. its okay to End Turn, just don't get OTKed!!

  3. sorry to hear this... you were a nice read

  4. you are an excellent player, and I pray God will grant you peace in the raging storm of your life. Thank you for all that you've done

  5. Your blog will be missed.

    Sorry to hear that life problems is keeping you from blogging.

    As fun and informative your blog is you don't need to come up with something new every day. I can understand the time it takes to come up with a new entry.

    Though I respect your decision to stop blogging I still want to let you know that thanks to you I have come to learn many things from the game especially from the OCG side of it.

    Thanks to your blog (and the blogs thread you posted on Pojo) I learned about what the OCG meta is like and what decks/concepts people are currently exploring.

    I'm sure a lot of people are as curious of the OCG trends and appreciate the effort you and other bloggers take to inform us about what is it that the OCG is currently going through.

    The OCG is mostly unknown to the western side of the game so its great that some players are kind enough to share their experiences about it.

    I have come to respect you more as a player in this game reading this blog and the efforts you go through to get people to know about many aspects of the game that most of the time just passes by the average duelist.

    A lot of players already have come to know you as the pioneer of Junk&Debris and the many variants you mapped out to the public. Personally your liking to Archfiend of Gilfer has me experimenting with it and the Archfiend name further (love Falling Down).

    I'm also certain people were inspired to blog due to such great blogs such as this one.

    You're a great player Rauzes. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experience with the community.

    I wish you the best of luck in your life without blogging.

    See you around in Pojo!



  6. Hey rau thanx for everything u haf given us frm sg it was truly an honour playin wif u when u came to sg and it was truly a very enriching experience learning abt new ehero combos. U will forever b my fren man cme to sg more often=) we will relly miss u me n neux.. U roc! Riding Duel Acceleration!!! but its relly dam sad leh=((( feel like crying lol i duno why...

  7. Aww man. Its hard to see you go.

    Where will all the new ideas come from now? Its kinda hard to break the habit of checking your blog everyday.

    Anyways, its been fun while it lasts.

    Thanks for all the ideas and thoughts you have provided for us readers

  8. thx for sharing so many wonderful ideas too =)

  9. I simply did not want to say 'Yes I will remember you, because you and your blog has already become a part of my life. Whenever I open my Internet Browser, I just type 'gaijinduelist' in my Google, as what I did when was still there. Just when I can type gaijinduelist in a second, I may not type it so frequently.

    Anyway, your academic results should be of higher importance than this blog, and that's why I would not like to create my blog.

    See ya.

  10. Sorry to see it end, but you've had a great run, and I appreciate the comments about my own blog.

    The 'daily chore' thing is a stage I've gone through as well numerous times, so I know it can feel quite bad. That, and the personal problems you're alluding to are justification enough in you ending this blog.

    Should you ever decide to return, I'm sure all of us will welcome you with open arms, but till then, take care Rau.


  11. You Take Care alright? =D
    I have 1 lifetime to await your "probable" return xD , or I could just see you on MSN. Either way, Heres me wishing you an Awesome Life!

    Neux Bless lvl 10! ACTIVATE!!!!!!!!!


  13. Boltizar

    I hate to see this come to an end, but isn't so much a "goodbye" as it is a "see you later."
    See you on Pojo, and thank you for all the help this site has given me...

    Oh, and this site is staying on my favorite's for future use. ;3

  14. Awww... Bye bye Rauzes... I enjoyed reading it!

    I guess when it becomes a chore it's not really worth doing it. If I was to ever start a blog I would force myself not to force myself to post. Just wait till I'm in the right mood and stuff!
    Love ya'!

  15. Special Thanks from Mexico =) The best thing i got from this blog: Junk And Debris in space FTW!!!!
    Thnx 4 all

  16. Thank you for all your contriubtion to the YGO world. You are always the originator and pioneer of Junk & Debris, not some random shameless "Pro".

    I know you are just stopping blogging but not quitting, but it kinda like saying there is no place for casual play in YGO anymore...

  17. Bye Rauzes, thanks for correcting my Japanese when I first talked to you lol.

    Your blog had its up spots and it'll be missed by me.

    Good luck with the shitstorm, we all have them and I hope yours isn't too bad. ^^

    I'll be studying abroad in Japan next fall for a year, maybe I'll look for the person who looks like a gaijin, I'll obviously be the person who IS a gaijin but that isn't the point lol.

    Take care, see you around on various sites. =P


  18. Rauzes, thanks for every tiny bit of inspiration you have offered. You were a great read. I certainly will read your older posts, perhaps all of them, as time goes by. This place will be missed. Goodbye.

    Obviously, he has Battle Fader in his hand.

  19. Sorry to hear you go. This blog's been one of my most favorite Yugioh blogs that I've subscribed to.

    We'll see you on the next turn, especially since you have a bunch of Heralds in your hand.

  20. Sorry to see you go. I hope things will turn out better for you soon.

    Thank you for your blog, which many will keep appreciating.

  21. ざんねんだ、さいきんこのBLOGは始めた読んでいるから。
    でも、このBLOGを読んでいる厭いた。あのダーク ヴァキリアのデッキはとてもおもしろいから、もうすぐ作りたいだ。

    I wanted to say more, but I don't know enough Japanese, and I am still studying so I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense.

    "That's too bad, because I just started reading this blog. But, I enjoyed reading this blgo. That Dark Valkyria deck is very interesting, so I plan to build it soon."

    I really liked your blog and I enjoyed checking it each day for updates. I will go back and read the old entries I missed. You posted some very good articles and I can safely call you an expert on this game.

    May the stars shine until the end of your journey.

  22. Too bad this has to end. I just started checking this blog
    like four months ago.
    Anyways I agree that if blogging becomes a chore, it should stop. I just recently picked up my blog that i left unattended for a year.
    Good luck, rauzes.

  23. Sad that this blog will end, it's been a favorite of mine. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

  24. Hi Rauzes, I hope you still remember me!!
    Thanks for helping out with my decks when I needed help and you are a truly great Duelist with unique, wonderful and awesome ideas.

    Hope you have enjoyed your stay in SG the previous time, do come back again so we can enjoy ourselves at LAN/shops/tourneys/anything once again.

    Your posts were truly inspirational, and I hope that you will overcome your life difficulties and have a wonderful life ahead of you.

    Theres always a rainbow after the rain, but I don't know what comes after raining shit, but it will definitely be something good.

    Thanks again!

  25. Oh yeah, hope to talk to you in MSN some day!

  26. First and foremost, Good luck with the shitstorm you're dealing with. I've got no doubt in my mind you'll get through it ok without many shit stains on your clothes.

    But seriously, I just want to thank you for your blog. It inspired me to want to play this game again. You inspired me to start my own blog (thats now on hiatus). Hell, this was the only blog I ever read because it wasn't about the TCG, it was about something I could never really play--The OCG and a fresh new look at the game that was starting to look so pale, boring and stale.

    Your posts of random deck ideas and random combos always put a smile on my face when I thought about how they could work in a random deck; which in turn inspired me to make the decks you thought of, and build decks around the ideas and combos you put on the blog (Rescue Cat + Symbols of Duty for example).

    I loved all the puzzles you've done (even if my ADD/ADHD has prevented me from doing them all in one sit down) and hope that you continue to do them every so often...They were one of my favorite parts of your blog.

    It's sad to see you end the blog, but shit happens. If you ever want to talk about any crazy Yugioh things, or anything else for that matter, you can always PM me on Pojo or send me an email.

    Peace out Gaijin Duelist. See You Later, and Good Luck!

  27. Thx for all the wonderful ideas,deckbuilds,combos and opinions thoughout the entire blog.
    Thx alot also for all the help,support,and gifts you've given to me personally.

    All the very best to you,Rauzes in facing life's challenges.

    Kudos to Rauzes for this blog.
    Hopefully one day,we'll be able to see more of your ideas through Gaijinduelist:The Sequel.

  28. Thanks for blogging, Rau. You've really spread to the world your ideas and ideology.

    I understand what a trying time it is, but stay strong! And remember that you have fans around the world.

  29. Walau Im last to post :P

    hey Rau, (my look alike according to LGQ and Baha), bye, good luck, and although i never got to really know you, sayonara.

    Next time must come Malaysia again oh!! And Singapore. Maybe at the end of the year, we're organising blogger/duelist meeting. You better show up ya =D

  30. Wonder what kind of shitstorm you're experiencing now... I guess I kind of predicted that since you mentioned RO in your previous post. (believe me, I know, I've been there before)

    Nothing else to say but goodluck in your future endeavors.

  31. Thank you for the Stardust/Buster playmat plus Anniversary Pack giveaway. I guess that's when I started telling my friends about this blog. A pity I couldn't meet you face-to-face when you came to Singapore. Junk and Debris is to Rauzes, just as Windows is to Microsoft. Your ideas, innovation, creativity and motivation, I believe, will live on, even though you have stopped blogging.

  32. tis a great loss indeed for the blogging community has lost one of its brightest, smartest and most charismatic bloggists

    tis a day for mourning

    still you were a great inspiration to a great many of us, inspired me amongst others to start blogging as well and the inventor of the Junk N Debris deck

    you were a leader, innovator and mentor to many, providing with many of us your insights and observations of the ocg and ygo world

    Your professionalism was outstanding

    You will definitely be missed, best of luck and many wishes for the future

    Have fun and good luck


  33. T-T Bye.
    This is kinda sad, I just got reading your blog a few months ago, and now you will stop blogging. . .
    Best of wishes, I hope the shitstorm ends soon.
    Whatever, Im sure we will meet again on Pojo.

    See ya in another life!

  34. I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago, sice me and my mates got into yu gi oh. thanks for inspiring me, take care...

  35. Be well Rauzes,thanks 4 everything

  36. 残念だ。このターンが終わってもまたターンは来るぜ!

  37. Anata wa Saikou desu! Donna koto ga attemo, Ore wa anata o Songke tsuzuketeimasu!
    Anata wa Ore ni totte saisho no hikari, Anata no Okage de.. Ore no SAIKYOU NO DECK ga KANZEN ni natta!! Iro2 Honto ni Arigatou! Soshite Saraba da.. Wa Ga Tomo

  38. have fun my friend. it was always nice seeing your posts.

    have fun on your life path.

    you will return one day. i feel it. ;)

  39. by the way, that was me, "r3skyline" .

    thanks for the one last deck. it is actually what im going to make my comeback with, and am glad there are others who play it differently as i do.

    have fun.

  40. Oi, Rau. Let me know how I can send you a card.


  41. I don't check this blog for a month, and boom, this happens.

    God freakin' dammit.

    Nice turn, Rauzes. We'll always remember you.

  42. Rauzes,it's okay for you to end your turn,but after your opponent's turn,it's your turn again;we'll all be watitng for that turn.Until then,have an awesome life!