Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Giveaway Results

Yeah I was lazy to post these up the previous few days.

Before we go drawing, some stats!

Number of Applicants: 53!

Number of blatant multi applying attempts: 2(Different People Applying about 3 times each)

Number of People who cared enough to include a short message with their application: 31!

Because some people are so heartless and didnt get into the spirit of giving and include a nice message, should I roll the number that corresponds with their application on the first try, that roll will be ignored and I will roll again.

Yes this is done completely on whim but too bad.

So, lets roll!

The determination of the winner will be through Random.org, a random number generator.

And the winner is:


Corresponding application:


Congratulations on your winning of the deck. Use it wisely!

Please send me an email confirming you reading this, and I will reply with some details you need to send me so I can send you the cards.

Thank you everyone else for participating! and Thanks for always reading this blog


  1. Number of blatant multi applying attempts: 2(Different People Applying about 3 times each)

    lol + sigh - some people never learn

    anyway prize was a deck? what deck?

    anyway congratz to the contest winner...



  2. Hear that, folks? You better be nice to Rauzes! xD

    Congratulations, Nekuza! Have fun with it.

  3. I think its the guilty beat nemesis mix deck?

    gaijinduelist.blogspot.com/2009/12/guilty-beat-nemesis-mix.html <-- i don't know if the link will work. You can just type in guilty beat in the upper left search thing.

    I was one of them "heartless" ones that didn't put in any message. :( I asked my friend if I should only put what was asked in the email. He said to only put that...

  4. Yeah i didnt put any ting in the msg other that those required D: sorry rauzes!! I'll try agn tis year!!